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Building a Customer Experience Management Practice

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Lessons in Customer Experience From a Hair Salon

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Projective Techniques: Eliciting Deeper Thoughts

This journal emphasizes the importance of emotion in consumers’ purchasing behavior and highlights marketing research techniques that can help better understand these aspects.

Do the Test: Selective Attention and Advertising

Selective Attention Video

People have limited working visual memory and filter out a lot of things in their every day lives. So how can advertisers have our interest in a world overloaded with messages competing for our attention?

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Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Loyalty (Part 2): Why?

Loyalty Program Road Sign - Part 2

Inability to deliver a good customer experience consistently is the reason many companies implement loyalty programs, and also the reason why they don’t work.

Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Loyalty; Customer Experience Does

Loyalty Program Warning Road Sign

Recent studies show loyalty programs are not effective at creating customer loyalty, but customer experience improvements are.

The Widening Gulf of Customer Experience

The Widening Gulf of Customer Experience

With the increasing popularity of the term customer experience also comes confusion on its definition, giving the advantage to organizations that understand and have a genuine commitment it to further differentiate themselves from those who don’t.

Where Does Customer Experience Management Fit in an Organization?

Customer Experience Management Org Chart Puzzle

Customer experience is a multichannel, cross-departmental concern and while every department in the company affects the customer experience, the role of managing it should belong be a new, separate function with leverage across the organization.