Building a Customer Experience Management Practice

Total Customer Experience Management Infoposter

Summary of the seminal article “Customer Experience Transformation and Management” with new infoposter. High-level action plan to building a sustainable customer experience management practice.

Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Loyalty (Part 2): Why?

Loyalty Program Road Sign - Part 2

Inability to deliver a good customer experience consistently is the reason many companies implement loyalty programs, and also the reason why they don’t work.

Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Loyalty; Customer Experience Does

Loyalty Program Warning Road Sign

Recent studies show loyalty programs are not effective at creating customer loyalty, but customer experience improvements are.

The Widening Gulf of Customer Experience

The Widening Gulf of Customer Experience

With the increasing popularity of the term customer experience also comes confusion on its definition, giving the advantage to organizations that understand and have a genuine commitment it to further differentiate themselves from those who don’t.

Where Does Customer Experience Management Fit in an Organization?

Customer Experience Management Org Chart Puzzle

Customer experience is a multichannel, cross-departmental concern and while every department in the company affects the customer experience, the role of managing it should belong be a new, separate function with leverage across the organization.

Using Story to Weave Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences

Using Story to Weave Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences

Using the power of storytelling, organizations can create not only more seamless cross-departmental interactions, but create more emotionally engaging customer experiences.

Why Mandatory Service Contracts Are Bad For Business

Service Contract

Entire industries, particularly wireless, cable and broadband providers, insist on locking customers into lengthy service contracts against their will. This results in a vicious circle of poor service and costly acquisition.

The Emotion of Service Recovery

Service Recovery

While every company wishes to create emotional and memorable customer experiences, service failure is often the most emotionally-engaging interaction and the one customers will remember a company by. This explains why.

How Business Partners Affect the Customer Experience With Your Brand

Companies are accountable for the interaction between their customers and their business partners; it is an integrant part of the customer experience and a direct reflection of the brand.

Optimizing the Restaurant Experience by Identifying Guests’ Key Decision Drivers

Taking the restaurant industry as an example, this article describes how understanding key decision drivers behind the brand choice can help meet and exceed customer expectations to enhance customer experiences.