About Us

Customer input was founded in 2003. It started from the need to bridge a gap between design, research and strategy and integrate them together into one seamless process.

Since then, we have done work in a dozen countries in various industries from financial services and insurance to travel and consumer products.

  • We are not a management consulting firm, but we analyze businesses and help them make better decisions.
  • We are not a market research agency, but we do customer research (lots of it).
  • We are not a design company, but we help companies design better products.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is simple: To help organizations improve people’s lives. We believe that in return, people will give organizations their trust, respect and loyalty. By creating exceptional customer experiences that provide value for people, companies create a lasting relationship with customers.

We Just Want to Do Good Work

In the end, what we want is to work on projects we are proud of. Projects that change something, that make a difference. We want the organizations we work with to stand out and succeed. Because we see our clients’ success as our success, we take each of the projects we engage in at heart.

Our Code of Ethics

First and foremost, we believe in conducting business with integrity. We proudly and strictly adhere to recognized professional bodies’ code of ethics and professional conduct, and we also have our own guiding principles:

  • Work on every project to the best of our ability
  • Not to exaggerate our experience and to only provide services we are qualified to provide
  • Only engage staff and partners in a capacity in which they are qualified
  • Only provide real research results – no falsified supporting data with us
  • Only provide recommendations supported by enough evidence and experience
  • Only to work on projects that can provide business and customer value
  • Never to engage any unethical business

Our Guarantee

If our recommendations would not provide business and customer value, you don’t pay. That’s how confident we are in our process. Because our work is based on understanding the business and customer needs, we are certain that our recommendations provide a value exchange. Of course there are some caveats, particularly in research-only projects. Even if we are very good at it, sometimes exploratory research does not uncover innovation opportunity. That’s not our fault, innovation sometimes takes time to uncover. Or research might not give you the results you wanted to hear. Because we don’t falsify findings, you only get the truth. But we see negative comments from customers in research as an opportunity to improve things. And that’s value.

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