Customer Experience Lifecycle Audit

Get your Customer Experience Management Practice Started – Immediate results and long-term strategy

Our Customer Experience Lifecycle Audit looks at the Customer Experience within and beyond the customer lifecycle and direct company channels. It looks from the customers’ point of view at the entire experience with the multiple channels within the product or service domain before, during and long after the customer lifecycle including interactions managed by third parties.

How our Customer Experience Lifecycle Audit helps companies

Our Customer Experience Lifecycle Audit report help companies:

  • Understand the breadth of touch-points that affect customer experience and loyalty ;
  • Identify high-priority areas of improvements and help you quickly eliminate break-points;
  • Establish medium to long-term CEM strategies to help implement a sustainable cross-departmental CEM program;
  • Combined with Customer Research, identifies which values are most important at which channel.

What You Get

Our Customer Experience Lifecycle Audit report contains a wealth of tangible recommendations to help you improve the customer experience immediately, and better manage it in the long term.

“Quick Fixes”

Changes that can be implemented incrementally in the short to medium term at various channels. For example:

  • Signage in store or to store
  • Website enhancements
  • IVRS Flows
  • Customer service scripts
  • Forms redesign
  • Flow between multiple channels

Strategic Recommendations

Longer term strategic recommendations. This can be anything from branding or organizational alignment to products or service processes. Can include CRM or Enterprise Feedback Management software and processes, training programs, etc.

New Relationship Opportunities

We identify and present you with new relationship opportunities to become more relevant in people’s lives beyond the current Customer Lifecycle and current products and services.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Set-up

Establish KPIs to measure before and after changes comparison:

  • Net Promoter Score / Customer Satisfaction / Customer Effort
  • Qualitative Measures
  • Customized metrics based on customer perception
  • Other metrics (Waiting time, Number of calls, etc.)

The Breadth of the Customer Experience Lifecycle

Following are a few examples illustrating the breadth the the customer experience from the customer’s point of view.

Car Buyer’s Customer Experience

The experience of car ownership can include financing through a third party financial institution or exchange or resell. While most car dealers will not manage these, they are definitely part of the Customer Experience Lifecycle.

The Dining Experience Lifecycle

Example of the Dining Experience Lifecycle

Access to parking space (or lack thereof) even if managed by a third party, is part of the diners’ restaurant customer experience.

Holiday Travel Experience Lifecycle

A travel agency can sell a travel package to customers but are not concerned with the process of the hotel at the destination requesting the customer to to re-produce their credit card even if the trip was already paid. But this is and integrant part of the travel Customer Experience, and a negative experience.

Holiday Travel Experience Lifecycle

Example of the Holiday Travel Experience Lifecycle

Again in travel, sharing travel memories with friends and family are part of the Customer Experience Lifecycle. A great customer experience at all channels throughout the Experience Lifecycle and a great experience sharing memories is more likely to lead to repeat business and promotion through word-of-mouth.

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