Service Design

We help organizations from the private and public sectors create new innovative services or enhance existing one to be more convenient, relevant and easy to understand to customers.

Our Service design process brings together our expertise and experience in:

  • Customer Research to understand service user behavior and needs;
  • Understanding of the Customer Experience Lifecycle to identify improvement opportunities within and beyond the customer lifecycle;
  • Organizational Alignment to improve processes, cross-departmental collaboration and help establish a focus on delivering the customer experience

Multi-channel Integration

Our service design recommendations can integrate multiple service components into one seamless customer experience including:

  • Customer service
  • Product or Service delivery
  • Sales
  • Customer support
  • Logistics processes
  • Communications and instructions
  • Post-sales follow-up

Service Opportunities Beyond the Customer Lifecycle

With and understanding of the Customer Experience Lifecycle we uncover opportunities to provide services beyond the direct channels managed as part of the traditional Customer Lifecycle model. We design services that are an addition to organization’s existing products and services and create opportunities to be more relevant in people’s lives.

Whether small touches or complex new revenue-generating services, these are designed to enhance the customer experience and create stronger, longer-lasting relations with customers.

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