Authenticity: Lesson in Exceptional Service from a Small Coffee Shop

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A small coffee shop provides an example of one of the most important principles in delivering truly great and unique service: authenticity.

Lessons in Customer Experience From a Hair Salon

Barber chair

What organizations of any size and in multiple industries can learn in customer experience from a simple hair salon service story.

Service Outage Customer Experience Management and Social Media: My Advice to 3.

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An unforeseeable service outage could happen to any company, but it is not only technical crisis; it is also a customer relationship one. How prepared you are to inform customers through different channels will affect their perception of the company, and ultimately their loyalty.

New CEM HA Suite Provides Holistic Customer Experience Management

Customer input Ltd announces today the launch of CEM HA Suite, the first ever total customer experience management solution. It automates in-depth analysis of customer attitudes, behaviors and needs across all company touch-points and includes company policies and procedures management and training modules.

Customer Feedback is Still Part of the Customer Experience

Customer Feedback is Still Part of the Customer Experience

Post-transaction or follow-up customer surveys are important feedback tools. But how the information is collected from customers represents itself an important interaction that must reinforce the brand’s experience.

Hong Kong Express Airways: A Customer Experience Plane Crash

Hong Kong Express Airways: A Customer Experience Plane Crash

My first experience flying Hong Kong Express Airways resulted in a negative customer experience at almost every channel; from check-in, through in-flight services and the loyalty program to phone, web and email.

Customer Experience Management is Not Software

Most people and many businesses still do not fully grasp the breadth of Customer Experience. And the increasing number of companies offering software that claims to manage the customer experience makes grasping its holistic nature yet more difficult.

Are Designers Reinventing Research?

Are Designers Reinventing Research?

Recently we heard designers talk about new research methods that gather more insights for design than traditional marketing research. This article discusses whether methods used in design research really are new.

Retail Optimization Example: Keeping the Boys Busy

Starting from a simple comparison example, this journal emphasize the need for understanding shoppers’ behavior and optimize store layout to address their needs.

The Empathic Search Engine

Over the years observing customer behavior offline and online, we’ve noticed many similarities in the way stores and Web sites […]