Experience Design

Designing the interactions between people and organizations at multiple channels

From individual products or services to fully integrated eco-systems that bring together multiple channels and departments seamlessly, we help organizations provide differentiating customer experiences that deliver increased customer value.

Service Design

Creating more convenient, relevant and easy-to-understand services.

Product Design

Innovating products by designing for customer value.

User Interface Design

Designing user interfaces for a better user experience.

Marketing and Communications

Focus on understanding and communicating customer value to enhance the customer experience.

Indirect Interactions

Enhancing the customer experience through indirect channels or third-party interactions.

Seamless Interactions

Key to Customer Experience Management is creating fully integrated seamless, cross-departmental, multichannel interactions.

Sometimes even a single transaction with a company such as the purchase of a product or service can involve multiple departments and even third parties. To customers, this can feel like dealing with as many different organizations.

We help organizations integrate different channels, touch-points and processes from the customers’ point of view so that they feel like one linear, coherent and seamless interaction.

Customer Experience Design Process

As part of our Framework implementation or for multi-channel Customer Experience research and design projects, Customer Experience Design is supported by:

Findings from these steps are translated into actual effective solutions to enhance the delivery of great Customer Experiences. This is where we bring together science and creativity. With an understanding of customer needs and value per channel, we design solutions to fix critical, negative experiences and to create new customer value through innovation where it matters most.

Experience Blueprints

Solutions are prioritized in terms of experiential and business impact and in terms of cost-benefit. These can be anything from small product or service enhancements to game-changing new strategies, including:

  • Branding and marketing strategies
  • Product or service design
  • Process optimization
  • Service enhancements
  • Environment (point-of-sales, office, facilities, etc.)
  • Third-party interactions
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