Customer Experience Management Framework

Total Customer Experience Management

Our Framework provides companies with the tools and processes empowering them to understand, create and manage the Customer Experience across all channels.

Customized to Your Company

Whatever your current Customer Experience Management capabilities, our Framework can help you gain a better understanding of your customers and deliver a better holistic Customer Experience.

Our Framework implementation beings with an audit of your current processes to determine which Framework component needs to be adapted and how. According to your needs, we will set a project plan to carry out the first-time Framework Alignment activities and implement our Customer Insights Program.

Customer Experience Management Framework

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Framework Overview

Our Customer Experience Management Framework was built on years of experience in research, consulting and customer experience optimization at multiple channels in multiple industries.

Framework Alignment

First step in implementing a Customer Experience Management practice, the Framework Alignment comprises research and audit activities aimed at gaining a holistic view of the Customer Experience. This includes:

  • Customer Experience Lifecycle Audit; understand the current breadth of channels and touch-points and identify new interaction channel opportunities.
  • Customer Research; understand what constitutes customer value, and align the value provided per channel. It also entails customer segmentation.
  • Organizational Alignment; understand current processes and policies and align different department towards the Customer Insights Program.

Because customers as well as the company’s products, services and policies change over time, these exercises can also be conducted periodically to re-evaluate the customer experience and realign the framework.

Customer Experience Design

Findings from the Framework Alignment phase are translated into actual effective solutions to enhance the delivery of great Customer Experiences. This is where we bring together science and creativity.

Our existing knowledge of your company and customers allows us to more seamlessly integrate the experience design within the overall research and design process. With an understanding of customer needs and value per channel and company processes we design solutions to fix critical, negative experiences and to create new customer value through innovation where it matters most.


Some solutions can be applied by the company internally with existing resources following our experience blueprints and high-level concepts. Others may involve the use of external expertise. While we are not a advertising agency and cannot provide actual implementation of a marketing campaign, nor do we provide call center outsourcing, we do provide a range of product and service design solutions.

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Customer Insights Program

The Customer Insights Program an enterprise-wide structure to systematically collect and manage customer insights and to feed them back into the customer experience, either through immediate action or long-term business strategy. It includes the processes and tools for:

  • Insights Gathering; Ongoing immediate feedback from different channels as well as periodic research and measurement.
  • Insights and Feedback Management; includes Customer Experience KPIs, cross-departmental processes for sharing insights, immediate action and feeding insights into the business strategy.


Depending on the company needs and the industry, we can provide internal training to help staff gain knowledge necessary to conduct various activities throughout our Framework. We have different training modules available for various functions.

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