Customer Experience Management Workshops

Based on our comprehensive Framework, Customer Experience Management training module covers everything companies need to understand, create and manage the customer experience at all channels.

Customer input Ltd’s 2-day syllabus is true to the multichannel, cross-departmental definition of Customer Experience. The training covers all aspects of CEM from the psychology that shape customer interactions to a framework for implementing this knowledge into an organization-wide CEM strategy. This program enables companies to truly grasp and manage the Customer Experience from a holistic perspective.

Syllabus Overview

The following provides an overview of our Customer Experience Management training module.

Introduction to Customer Experience Management

  • Definition of Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience implementation models
  • Introduction to our Framework

Discovering your Customer’s Journey with your Organization

  • Introduction to touch-points
  • The breadth of the Customer Experience Lifecycle
  • Third-party interactions
  • Understanding narratives: multichannel linear experiences
  • Determining your current customer touch points
  • Extending presence in the Customer Experience Lifecycle

Understanding Customer Value

  • Emotional engagement
  • Different levels of customer value
  • Subconscious values
  • Types of Customer Research
  • The power of positive memories
  • Customer segmentation

Enabling your Customer Experience Strategy

  • Difficulties and challenges: Silos or lack of cross-departmental exchange
  • Organizational alignment and buy-in from the leadership to individual contributors
  • Employee engagement: Communicate the need for a memorable customer experience

Ongoing Customer Experience Management

  • The Customer Insights Program
  • Sources of customer insights: internal and external
  • Establishing KPIs
  • Cross-departmental information sharing
  • Unifying point: the Customer Experience Management function(s)


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