Product Design

At the center of the Customer Experience is actual product customers buy. We help companies innovate in product design by researching target customers’ met and unmet needs and translating findings into innovation.

We have helped companies of various industries innovate in multiple tangible and non-tangible product categories, including:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Household products
  • Financial and insurance products
  • Travel products
  • Hospitality

Uncovering Innovation Opportunity: Design Research

Whether for entirely new product categories or new features for existing products, we first research customers to understand innovation opportunity. We primarily make use of observational research to understand people in the context in which they use the product category to help uncover unmet and often unspoken needs. We also make use of various other research methods to have deeper insights into what constitutes customer value in various aspects of a product or product category.


We bring together science and creativity to translate findings into actionable product concepts or product features that answer people’s needs.

For products that include a user interface (screen), we can provide the full user interface design.

Understanding Value System

People buy products because they have a specific place within their value systems. These range from pure economical or functional values to personal values and deep socio-cultural values. Our research helps identify the values people look for in a product and those that make the product’s value promise.

Multi-channel Customer Value Integration

Beyond product conceptualization, we highlight the core value promises of the product so that companies can integrate them into marketing and communications and service design.

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