Customer Research

In order to deliver relevant customer experiences, companies need to understand what constitutes customer value.

Deeper Insights

At Customer input, we are expert a researching beyond the surface by looking at the deep-rooted values that impact emotions and motivate customer behaviors. The success of our experience design solutions, whether at product or service level, marketing or organizational development, is largely based on a solid understanding of what people really need, not only what they say they do.

Professional Code of Ethics

We proudly adhere to recognized professional bodies’ professional standards and codes of ethics in carrying out research and providing  results and recommendations.


International Chamber of Commerce

Research Services

We provide a wide range of research services, including:

  • Observational research
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Projective techniques
  • Qualitative and quantitative survey design
  • Advance Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Ad testing
  • Product testing
  • Exploratory psychology exercises
  • Advanced survey design

Getting a Clearer Picture

Different research methods are appropriate for finding out different kinds of information. At Customer input Ltd, we make use of a mix of research methodologies to gain insights from multiple perspectives in order to create a clearer picture. Our experience allows us to select the the most appropriate methods for addressing specific questions and interpreting the results correctly.

International and Cross-cultural Research

We have experience conducting cross-cultural research. We can help companies understand how to adapt their products, services and marketing throughout Asia, Europe and North America.


We also provide training modules and workshops in various general research and research techniques for in-house corporate training.

Example Research Projects

We have conducted customer research in multiple industries from financial services and travel to consumer products. Our research reports have helped various companies make better business decisions and enhance their customer experience. Here are a few examples of research topics using multiple research methods:

  • Needs in mobile communications in China and Thailand entry markets.
  • Personal financial advisers and investor needs towards online investment management.
  • What library service researchers need from online news archive services to conduct their work efficiently.
  • Customer needs in self-service banking and channel migration.
  • How people plan and choose travel packages and what is the ideal booking process.
  • The unspoken consumer’s perception of a company and how to redress the brand image.


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