Customer Experience Management

Whether for implementing an organization-wide total Customer Experience Management Framework or the research and design of the experience at individual channels, we help organizations create meaningful and differentiating Customer Experiences.

Customer Experience Management Framework

Our Framework

The most comprehensive organization-wide multichannel Customer Experience Management Framework.

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Our Services

Individual services to help you research, design and manage the Customer Experience.

Customer Research

Understanding how customers experience interactions with companies and deeper insights into what really matters to them.

Experience Design

Creating seamless multichannel interactions and more emotionally engaging customer experiences.

Experience Lifecycle Audit

Understanding the multiple direct and indirect channels through which customers interact with your brand.

Organizational Alignment

Establishing processes and policies around delivering differentiated customer experiences across departments and channels.

Customer Insights Program

Structured enterprise-wide collection and management of customer insights and the processes to feed them back into the experience design.

What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a multi-layered, multifaceted undertaking that spans all organizational departments and functions. It is about first understanding the breadth of factors that affect the Customer Experience, understanding what constitutes customer value and consistently creating positive, memorable experience at any company touch-point.

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Customer Experience Management is about:

Creating seamless interactions

Customer Experience Management is about creating cohesive, linear, seamless interactions that can involve multiple touch-points managed by different departments.

Extending products and services

Customer Experience is about extending the relevance of the company beyond the simple marketing and servicing of existing products and services. It’s about being more relevant in people’s lives.

Creating emotional, memorable interactions

Beyond product and service features and functionality, it is about creating positive emotional value and more memorable positive experiences.

Consistently delivering the right values

It’s about delivering the right customer value consistently across any and all channels.

Continuously understanding the customer

It’s about having a systematic way to continuously gather customer insights and act upon them.

Corporate Philosophy

CEM is more than one-time, single-channel customer experience enhancements; it is about making customer experience thinking permeate the company across departments and functions.

Departmental collaboration

It’s about building the bridges between departmental silos, sharing information and sharing customer experience responsibilities.

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