Organizational Alignment

Processes and policies alone greatly contribute to an organization’s ability to deliver an intended and differentiated customer experience . Aligning them as well as individual skills and attitudes is a critical step in the Customer Experience Management process.

Whether as an individual customer experience enhancement project or part an an organization-wide Framework implementation, our Organization Alignment can help your company delivery better customer experiences.

What We Do

Often times, organizations are struggling with organizational barriers to delivering the intended customer experience such as a contradictory culture, misaligned compensation and incentive systems, and departmental silos which inhibit the sharing of critical customer information.

We help you align your organizational and individual’s ability to provide an optimal customer experience by:

  • Reviewing your policies and procedures across departments to assess whether they are supporting or inhibiting the delivery of your intended customer experience
  • Assessing lines of communication between departments to ensure that customer information is collected and shared
  • Ensuring that your customer relationship processes encompassing all of the selling and service activities and resources needed to acquire, grow and retain customer relationships are consistent in delivering experiences that are meaningful to your most valuable targeted customer segments.
  • Helping you to create clear business planning processes and aligned compensation and incentive systems
  • Assessing the ability of your organization’s training program to develop the employees’ level of knowledge, skill, attitude and overall engagement required to deliver the customer experience

Once the organizational structures, culture and individual capabilities are aligned to support a CEM implementation, you can begin to create and build long term, mutually profitable customer relationships.

Framework Integration

The Organizational Alignment is an essential part of our Customer Experience Management Framework and leads to establishing the Customer Insights Program. Once the breadth of the Customer Experience Lifecycle has been mapped, the brand’s value proposition has been clarified and the most valuable customer segments have been targeted, organizational structures and procedures for implementing the Customer Insights Program are put in place.


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