Building a Customer Experience Management Practice

Total Customer Experience Management Infoposter

Summary of the seminal article “Customer Experience Transformation and Management” with new infoposter. High-level action plan to building a sustainable customer experience management practice.

Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Loyalty (Part 2): Why?

Loyalty Program Road Sign - Part 2

Inability to deliver a good customer experience consistently is the reason many companies implement loyalty programs, and also the reason why they don’t work.

Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Loyalty; Customer Experience Does

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Recent studies show loyalty programs are not effective at creating customer loyalty, but customer experience improvements are.

Authenticity: Lesson in Exceptional Service from a Small Coffee Shop

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A small coffee shop provides an example of one of the most important principles in delivering truly great and unique service: authenticity.

The Widening Gulf of Customer Experience

The Widening Gulf of Customer Experience

With the increasing popularity of the term customer experience also comes confusion on its definition, giving the advantage to organizations that understand and have a genuine commitment it to further differentiate themselves from those who don’t.

Lessons in Customer Experience From a Hair Salon

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What organizations of any size and in multiple industries can learn in customer experience from a simple hair salon service story.

Where Does Customer Experience Management Fit in an Organization?

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Customer experience is a multichannel, cross-departmental concern and while every department in the company affects the customer experience, the role of managing it should belong be a new, separate function with leverage across the organization.

Service Outage Customer Experience Management and Social Media: My Advice to 3.

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An unforeseeable service outage could happen to any company, but it is not only technical crisis; it is also a customer relationship one. How prepared you are to inform customers through different channels will affect their perception of the company, and ultimately their loyalty.

Using Story to Weave Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences

Using Story to Weave Emotionally Engaging Customer Experiences

Using the power of storytelling, organizations can create not only more seamless cross-departmental interactions, but create more emotionally engaging customer experiences.

New CEM HA Suite Provides Holistic Customer Experience Management

Customer input Ltd announces today the launch of CEM HA Suite, the first ever total customer experience management solution. It automates in-depth analysis of customer attitudes, behaviors and needs across all company touch-points and includes company policies and procedures management and training modules.