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Authenticity: Lesson in Exceptional Service from a Small Coffee Shop

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A small coffee shop provides an example of one of the most important principles in delivering truly great and unique service: authenticity.

Service Outage Customer Experience Management and Social Media: My Advice to 3.

Service Outage iPhone pop-up message

An unforeseeable service outage could happen to any company, but it is not only technical crisis; it is also a customer relationship one. How prepared you are to inform customers through different channels will affect their perception of the company, and ultimately their loyalty.

Why Mandatory Service Contracts Are Bad For Business

Service Contract

Entire industries, particularly wireless, cable and broadband providers, insist on locking customers into lengthy service contracts against their will. This results in a vicious circle of poor service and costly acquisition.

Helping Customers Call: IVRS Tips

IVRS: Forgotten but Not Gone While many companies are starting to understand the value of increasing customer satisfaction over the […]